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Impounded cars

Alpine Towing also impounds vehicles that have been abandoned or those violating parking regulations or permits. We bring the vehicle to the requested impound lot to be claimed, returned to the dealership, picked up by the owner, or sold.

If you work for an impound lot in Regina and need a tow truck to impound a vehicle, contact Alpine Towing. We’ll communicate with you throughout the process, providing updates on when we arrive to pick up the vehicle, when we depart, and our arrival at the impound lot. We keep detailed records of the date, time, location of the impound tow service, as well as the make, model, year, color, and license plate of the towed vehicle. We can also assist you with relocation of any vehicle to another lot or other location in the Regina area.

If you are a car owner seeking to reclaim a vehicle, here’s what you’ll need. To reclaim a vehicle, you must bring a driver’s license or province issued ID, along with proof of liability insurance. If you are retrieving a vehicle on behalf of the owner, you’ll need the vehicle title, driver’s license, and notarized letter from the owner authorizing you to pick up the vehicle. This letter must contain the vehicle’s color, model, make, VIN number, license plate number, and tow number. The tow lot charges must be paid in full, upfront. Check with the impound lot for their pick-up hours; most of them are from early morning to midevening during the week and mornings on Saturdays, closed on holidays.

Contact us for more details on our Regina impound services.

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