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Alpine Towing provides several vehicle services
for Regina.


Whether your car breaks down while you’re on the road or you require vehicle recovery after an accident, Alpine Towing can help. We offer towing 24 hours a day, because breakdowns and accidents rarely happen during convenient daytime hours. Our tow truck drivers will bring your car to our shop for repairs or tow the vehicle to a destination of your choice. We can also give you a ride home or to work if needed.


If your car battery dies, we offer battery boosting services. Our mechanics will come out to your vehicle and boost or “jump” the battery, using our professional cable tools. This will give your battery enough “juice” to get to your destination. You will still need to recharge or replace your battery after driving—if you need a new battery, we have them available in our inventory.


Alpine Towing in Regina specializes in recovering vehicles from the scene of an accident. Whether you have repairable damage or your vehicle is inoperable or totaled, we’ll transport your car securely to our garage. Our staff will follow up with you to ensure you receive the appropriate repairs and insurance assessments.


Severe weather, swerving to avoid a collision with an animal or pedestrian, or other unexpected circumstances can leave your car stuck in the snow or in a dangerous ditch. If you cannot drive out of the snow or get back on the road, give us a call. We offer winching services to get your vehicle quickly and safely back onto the shoulder. We have the equipment and experience to remove your car from even the toughest situations.

Wheel Lifts

Alpine Towing also provides wheel lift services to remove vehicles from a property that are being repossessed. If you need assistance with repossession due to nonpayment, contact us. We will confirm that the proper notification process has been carried out with the car owner or leaser before we take the vehicle.


Lost your keys or locked them in your car? Alpine Towing offers lock out services to get you back in your vehicle. Our locksmiths have the tools to open your car door or activate the unlocking mechanism on any make and model.

Tire Changes

When your tire goes flat or bursts, contact our team of auto technicians in Regina. We offer tire changes for any vehicle or type of tire, from a small compact to car to a large truck, including snow tires. Don’t wobble home on the spare donut tire—get a real tire change from our professional staff.

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